Cutting Machine

for Fine Strands

The high cutting quality achieved with the offered machines, is in the first line due to the fact that feeding is stopped for a short moment during every cut.

This will result in an absolutely neat area of cut perpendicular to the strand axis. Moreover, accumulations of feed material caused by the strand being pressed against the blade surface are excluded. This feature considerably adds to the safety of the cutting process. The cutting machine is a desk- top model requiring no stationary installation on a foundation. Cables have been provided with plug connections.


  • PLC controlled cutting machine
  • Conveying system for the pro- pellant strands with upper and under teethed feed rollers

  • Feeding system activated by servo drive

  • Digital adjustment for feeding motion

  • Digital adjustment of cutting length

  • Adjustment of pressure for the conveying system

  • Shear cut (development of mechanical excentric drive system in progress)

  • (Ex)-proof control panel

Electrical Controller

The control panel in explosion- proof design is directly located
at the cutting machine and inte- grates the buttons and control signals for the following opera- tional functions:

• Start Button, Stop Button
• Emergency Stop Button
• Feed Rollers up/down Button • Indicator Control Voltage


The switch-cabinet installed outside of the hazardous zone. For the connection between switch-cabinet and cutting machine 15 m cables are provided.

Safety Devices:

  • Emergency Stop on the machine

  • Water inlet (for optional fire fighting device)

  • Safety locks

  • Temperature control knife

    wheel housing

  • Explosion Protected

    ATEX II D Ex tb III C T 135° GB/ II G Ex de II c T4


Cutting Machine for Fine Strands Brochure