SB 2000

BOWAS Kneading Process


Main Operation

The production of doughs of various compositions for different types of single base or multibase propellants.

Available Capacities

For single base propellants  from 100 up to 2300 Itr total tanks capacity and for multibase propellants from 500 up to 900

BOWAS is in a position to of­fer a modern, state of the art plant concept which fits into the concept of existing client's plant sections actually under modern­ization and as stand alone solu­tions. The plant concept aims at offering the most economic solution which follow the client's requirements.

The core kneading system consists of two parallel Z-shaped blades, tangent each other and counter rotating with fixed ratio.properly manufactured to avoid any product stagnation and are supported by widely sized roller bearings.

It is assumed that NC as raw material will be supplied in drums in a fluffy form to the kneading plant and NC blocks have been already desintegrated after a dehydration press. The NC and solid additives will be supplied to the opened knea­der via lifting and tilting (loading) device.

Advantages of the process

Compared to other existing kneading process BOWAS process offers the following advantages:

Safety — Special care has been dedicated to increase the safety of the kneading plant. All equipment has been designed and built in accordance with the latest and most advanced

technology and is based on our extensive experience in the field of explosives and propellant pro­duction. An important increase in safety is achieved by remote controlled operations, where required, with the operator in safety during the process optionally. CCTV cameras are used for monitoring critical and hazardous operations where operating personnel is not allowed to be present during operation.

The process is designed with the necessary automation level in order to minimize the number of operating personnel in areas of potential risk. This also reduces the frequency and duration of the operators' activities in these areas. 

The kneader is equipped with specially designed bursting discs and a special designed LID which opens completely in case of a fire to release the combustion gases and to avoid a deflagration or detonation. Specially designed quick release fire detection and protection systems for personal safety are offered to reduce damages in the event of fire.

Ergonomics for the operating personnel in the different operation steps are improved by mechanized handling providing safety and cost effective production with known and tested technology.


Kneader for Singlebase Propellants Brochure