BOWAS-INDUPLAN CHEMIE provides the complete range of services following the principle "Everything from one supplier":

Basic and detail engineering

A core area of ​​Bowas-Induplan is planning and design - in brief: engineering - of plants for the chemical industry and the explosives industry. The ​​Bowas-Induplan service portfolio ranges from the provision of basic engineering to the delivery of the complete detail engineering of a plant.

The sophisticated know-how and experience from the integration of several major players in the field (WASAG Chemie, Westspreng, etc.) and over 250 supplied and successfully commissioned plants form the basis for the exact and optimal design of every Bowas-Induplan system. For every unique requirement, custom systems with modern working methods are designed and documented in close coordination with the customer.

Human resources

Bowas-Induplan usually manages plant projects throughout its entirety with dedicated teams of closely cooperating project managers and project engineers. This results in the decisive advantage for the customer who, starting with the project planning up to the commissioning can always turn to the same responsible contact person. In addition, this approach guarantees that valuable experience from previous commissioning can be directly integrated into the planning of new projects - an excellent starting point for planning with technical aids.

Technical resources

Bowas-Induplan implements the design specifications into meaningful, coherent and effective planning documents. This is done by using powerful data processing systems with state-of-the-art software, such as CAD programs for three-dimensional plant planning. Computer-aided design is not only the prerequisite for the fast, comprehensive and effective planning of a plant, but also for the safe and speedy processing in the later procurement phase.

The advantages of the advanced planning in the engineering phase using modern tools also pay off for the customer. These tools, for example, aid in optimizing machine dimensions and procurement of bulk materials, thus creating a significant cost advantage that all project partners benefit from.

Turn-key plants

From the urbanization of the site to the commissioning by the Bowas-Induplan trained staff, everything is offered and realized by Bowas-Induplan as main contractor.

Bowas-Induplan provides technology, engineering performance and supervision of equipment assembly. The costumer is continuously advised and accompanied during commissioning. Experienced specialists start the plant and train the customer personnel in Salzburg as well as in other suitable training centers. The final training is carried out in the factory on site. Depending on the customer's requirements, installation and assembly can be carried out under the supervision of Bowas-Induplan employees or even in the customer's local authority, with part-time monitoring by the Bowas-Induplan experts.

Other tasks, such as the urbanization and grubbing-up of land, civil engineering and the supply of infrastructure facilities, are carried out either by the customer himself. Alternatively Bowas-Induplan takes these tasks up in the contract and commits itself to the Management of suitable subcontractors.

The obligation to the customer does not end after the commissioning. Rather, it finds its continuation in a competent after-sales service. E.g. In the form of consultations for the customer in questions of further plant optimization. Also Bowas-Induplan aids in the development of solutions for customer-specific questions in connection with technical problems. Finally, Bowas-Induplan assists in the development and integration of follow-up plants and extensions to existing plants.

Modernization of plants or process units

In addition to the planning and construction of new plants, the services of Bowas-Induplanalso cover the areas of overhauling and/or modernizing existing plants or process units.

The modernization of the plants can, for example, mean a capacity increase by eliminating bottlenecks in the existing plants and components. In addition it can mean a change to new process variants or new products or an exchange of machinery that need to be replaced or that are technologically outdated.

All steps of plant modernization - planning, delivery, installation and commissioning - are carried out with the usual Bowas-Induplan top quality.

Process know-how, transfer of technology, technical assistance

Bowas-Induplan has the know-how for a whole range of mature processes. The vast majority of the procedures offered are based on their own development over the past 40 years as well as the integration of several major players in the field (WASAG Chemie, Westspreng, etc.) and finally more than 260 successfully completed projects.

Some selected procedures for rounding the Bowas-Induplan process portfolio were developed together with internationally renowned partners and licensors. In this way, the sophisticated processes of Bowas-Induplan and its development partners can be combined and offered here.

Bowas-Induplan offers all its solutions one face to the costumer, beginning with the process know-how through the planning and delivery to the commissioning

Feasibility studies & project management

Bowas-Induplan solid know-how and expert knowledge of its industries and markets is based on the accumulated experiences and professional analyzes of the last 40 years as well as the integration of several important players (WASAG Chemie, Westspreng, etc.) of the industry. This knowledge combined with Bowas-Induplan's likewise well-developed technical know-how and networks of internationally renowned partners provide the competence and quality for relevant, precise and comprehensive feasibility studies. Bowas-Induplan offers two types of feasibility studies.

Full-scale Project Studies

Studies related to state enterprises and their budgeting requirements are dealt with by Bowas-Induplan under consideration of the following topics:

  • Realizable and required production volumes,
  • land and infrastructure requirements,
  • supply and demand of international market conditions,
  • relevant and necessary product variations,
  • technology and machine costs,
  • and finally subsequent add-on possibilities.

All with the result of a universal, compact and efficient plant system with low environmental impact and state-of-the-art technology.

Studies for Plant Improvements

Studies on the improvement or modernization of existing sites are compiled by Bowas-Induplan on the following basis: The existing plant will be checked for its technological development state, its economic efficiency (raw material and utilities consumption, production speed), product quality and consistency, automation, safety and health regulation fulfillments, recycling capabilities and environmental impact.

For example, a capacity increase by removing bottlenecks in existing plant components, switching to new process variants or new products, or an exchange of system components that need replacing or have become technologically obsolete, can all be of great economic advantage.

Safety analysis (HAZOP)

Bowas-Induplan HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) studies are structured and systematic investigations of planned or existing processes or plants in the chemical and explosive industries. They are designed to identify and assess problems that may pose risks to personnel or equipment.

The intention to implement an HAZOP is to review the process and equipment design to eliminate design and engineering problems that would otherwise not have been found.

Bowas-Induplan provides solutions and cost estimates after completion of the analysis.

Specification, procurement, inspection, acceptance and shipment of equipment

Through the use of networked and high-performance IT systems, the planning phase at Bowas-Induplan is fluent in the procurement of the equipment and finally in the delivery of the plant components in a timely manner.

Already during the component design phase, a technically and commercially optimal solution for the procurement of the equipment is sought in close cooperation with selected subcontractors. Machines and equipment are then manufactured by the respective subcontractors according to Bowas-Induplan specifications under the control of the end product by Bowas-Induplan experts to ensure the high quality standard of Bowas-Induplan systems.

When transporting the plant components to the plant site, our experience in worldwide plant export pays off in a low-friction and partnership-based cooperation with our customers, which is reflected in the fact that special requests - mostly during the preparation of the contract - are largely taken into account.

Research & development

Bowas-Induplan mainly offers its own processes and therefore has excellent detail knowledge for an optimal overall integrated approach and installation of the offered equipment. From the start in the laboratory scale to the application in industrial scale systems, all new processes are tested in pilot plants and prepared for their implementation in large-scale technology.

In addition to the research and development of new processes, Bowas-Induplan quality includes the maintenance of existing procedures as well as the optimization of individual process steps. In individual cases, a further development is carried out in close cooperation with internationally renowned partners in their research facilities.

An equally stable as well as innovative development standard of all processes is reflected in the particular efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility of the facilities and processes offered by Bowas-Induplan. Various patented processes, which result from our partner combined research and development, guarantee the high standard of our developed work.